Whithings Introduces Smart Baby Scale

Jan 09, 2012
Whithings, a well-known technology company, has launched an innovative baby scale for keeping track of your baby's weight.

The Withings Smart Baby Scale that was awarded the CES Innovation Award works in connection with Internet via Bluetooth and WiFi to manage all the data about your child's weight so that you can view and share it with others. The readings can be viewed on any Internet-connected device, like your computer or iPod, iPad or iPhone with the help of WiScale App.

The Smart Baby Scale comes with the baby basket that is used for smaller babies, which can be removed, when you weigh your toddler. The scale features large graphical screen and tactile button to measure your baby's length. The scale is travel-friendly as the baby basket can be stored in a scale's base. It works in conjunction with other Withings gadgets, such as Withings WiFi body scale, and Withings Blood Pressure Monitor to keep track of your family's vital signs.

The Withings Smart Baby Scale will become available in the second quarter of this year.