Withings Wifi Body Scale Monitors Your Weight

Jul 15, 2010
If you plan to lose weight, one of the most effective ways to stimulate weight loss is to watch over the positive results of your efforts. Withings Wifi Body Scale is one of the latest innovations in health and fitness industry that is going to monitor your body weight with the help of the Internet. The digital monitor tracks your weight, body fat, BMI (Body Mass Index) to highlight your progress and encourage you to keep on your weight loss regimen.

The Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale is equipped with special sensors that take the measurements of your weight accurately in graduation of 0.2 pounds.

This bathroom scale records all the data about your weight, fat mass, lean muscle mass and BMI and stores it online with the help of WiFi connection. There are many ways you can use Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale to stay fit and healthy. You can track the progress of your weight on a secured web dashboard, where all your data from the scale is sent. You can also share your improvements with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, RunKeepr, Google Health and other services. There is also another option to monitoring your progress by using WiScale, an iPhone application that was designed for this purpose.

You can also set fitness and diet goals for all your family members as multi-user monitoring automatically allows up to eight users. The hi-tech design together with the accurate technological performance makes it a perfect health gadget for everyone.