Withings WiFi Body Scale Now Works with Panasonic Viera

May 23, 2011
Well-known Withings WiFi body weight scales now can be connected to Panasonic Viera to see all your health data on TV screen. Withings health application allows the user to use television as a health dashboard, viewing the necessary information, which will probably stimulate more active lifestyle and help all couch potatoes get their bums off the couch.

Withings body scale is a weight tracking health gadget that can be used by all family members, storing up to 8 people's information about body weight, lean and fat mass and BMI. Withings features sensors that allow to track the necessary data on your weight and store it online. This body scale allows you to look at all the measurements on your iPhone via free iPhone app. Now, all this data is available from the Viera Connect menu page.

Via [Techgadgets.in]