Working On Your Own Improves Mental Health

Feb 18, 2010
People, who work on flexible working hours, have better mental and physical health than those who have to work on strict schedule.

The Cochrane Systematic Review analyzed ten researches that studied potential benefits of flexible working on health. Researchers found that people, who can work on a flexible schedule, are more likely to improve their mental health, blood pressure and have better sleep. One of the studies showed that police officers, who were allowed to start their work on their preference, were more likely to show better psychological health than those, who started their work on a set hour.

The tendency towards flexible working hours becomes more popular in UK and other European countries. In the UK, for example, parents with children under 16 are allowed to work on flexible hours. Scandinavian countries also encourage flexible working arrangements for people, who have families.

Researchers say that flexible working hours are better for health than fixed working arrangements, which should be taken into account by employers.