Wrong-sized Bra is Bad for Your Breasts

Aug 05, 2010

Women, who want to look full-breasted wearing tight bras, may need to think twice as the new study reveals that it can lead to breast cancer.

Scientists at the Harvard University found that the wrong-sized bras can confine blood circulation and damage lymph flow. When a woman is wearing a tight bra especially for long periods of time, the lymph circulation is restricted with less oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the tissues and more waste products accumulating in the breasts. This may eventually lead to such conditions as anoxia (low oxygen level), which has been linked to fibrosis, and can increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Many women not only wear tight bras throughout the day but also are used to wear bra at night, which in its turn ups the chance of various health problems due to restricted circulation.

It is important to define the right bra size to avoid health problems.

  • To find out your chest size, measure the circumference all around your back and ribcage just under your breasts with the help of the soft tape. Add 5 inches to your measurement to define chest size.

  • To find out the cup size, measure the circumference across the fullest part of your breasts.

  • To find out your bra size subtract your chest size from the cup size. If the difference between the numbers is less than 1 inch, your bra size is AA, if its 1 inch it is A, 2 inches, it is B; 3 inches it is C, 4 inches it is D, 5 inches it is DD and so on.

Here are the following recommendations on how to preserve your breast health wearing and choose the right bra:

  1. Try to avoid wearing bra at least 12 hour a day.

  2. Do not wear bra at night to allow better lymph circulation.

  3. Do not a buy a bra without trying it on to find what fits you the best.

  4. As woman breast undergo certain changes during breastfeeding, pregnancy, weight loss, so does her bra size, which means that you should get fitted more often.

  5. The back band should be firm and comfortable to provide the necessary support, but should not rise up the back.

  6. To find out if the bra is fitting you right, place one or two fingers under the band, you have the right-sized bra.

  7. If you wear an underwire bra, the wire should lay flat comfortably against your rib cage.

  8. The breast should fill the cup and not bulge at the top or have too much extra room.

  9. Try different styles of bras to find what fits you the best.