Your Guide to Home Bikini Waxing

May 18, 2010
Many women prefer to remove pubic hair to look sexier, especially when the summer begins. There are many types of hair removal, including bikini waxing, a method that was used by women from the ancient times. Nowadays many beauty salons offer the Brazilian bikini waxing, but if you feel uncomfortable removing hair from your privates by someone else or have concerns about the safety of the procedure, home bikini waxing can become your best alternative in hair removal.

Why to use Home Bikini Waxing Products?

Home bikini waxing is very popular and convenient way to remove hair from bikini area, because you can perform the procedure at anytime at the comfort of your home. It can take some time to adjust to waxing, especially in such a sensitive area, but you can expect better results with every waxing. Waxing is known to weaken hair follicles and make hair grow slower and becomes thinner. Unlike shaving, home bikini waxing keeps your privates smooth longer, for up to two or four weeks. Waxing at home is also less costly than salon jobs, which is definitely a benefit.

Choosing a home bikini wax

There is a variety of home bikini waxing kits and other products available for hair removal from the most intimate areas of your body.

  • Hard wax is considered to be the best option for home bikini waxing, since it does not require strips and is better suited for pubic hair. The wax usually contains beeswax and paraffin and is applied warm to the bikini area.

  • You can also choose bikini wax strips that are already pre-coated with wax for less messy waxing.

  • Sugar waxing products is another alternative for home bikini waxing, being also gentler on the skin and easier to remove from the skin.

Using a home bikini waxing kit is the most suitable option to eliminate pubic hair.

What you need for a home bikini waxing:

Body Scrub

In order to make bikini waxing smoother, you can use a  body scrub to exfoliate your skin. This will help to get rid of the dead cells and prepare hair follicles for removal, including the smaller hair. Make sure to apply scrub one or two days before waxing.


Use hard wax for bikini waxing rather than soft wax. Apply bikini wax in the direction your hair grows and then remove it in the opposite direction. Usually hard waxes do not require strips and can be easily removed when they harden.

Wax Warmer

You will need to warm wax before applying it on the skin. Each waxing kit usually includes the information about the heating method of the wax, warming time and application specifications. Wax warmers are designed to accommodate to the optimal wax temperature for easier use.

Application Stick

You also need a wax applicator that may or may not be included to the home bikini wax kit. The square-edge applicator ensures smooth application for easier removal.

Pre-wax cleanser

Pre-wax cleanser or oil is designed to cleanse your skin before waxing to remove dirt and natural oils before you start waxing. Apply pre-wax cleanser prior to waxing.

Wax remover

Since wax can be quite sticky and not easily removed with water, you may need wax remover for this purpose. Wax remover contains ingredients, specially made to eliminate any remaining traces of wax and keep your skin clean after waxing.

After-wax lotion or gel

You will need to use after-wax lotion or gel specially formulated to moisturize and calm your skin after the waxing procedure. Usually it contains soothing ingredients to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Numbing Spray

If you are concerned about the pain during waxing, you can use numbing spray that dulls the nerves and makes waxing less painful in the bikini area. Usually, it contains anesthetic, such as lidocaine for tender experience.