Zentrom Wristband Optimizes Body Balance

Nov 09, 2011
Modern life interferes with our inner balance, which impairs our performance and make us less effective.

The Zentrom Wristband developed by Lange & Lange is a new product that is aimed at restoring the electric field of your body using Quantum technology. As the developers claim Zentrom means quality, style, performance and functionality. They say that every living being has its own electric flied, its own frequency, but electronics, mobile phones and devices may interfere with our inner balance. The wristband features a hologram that improves body's optimal frequency and as a result you perform at your best.

It's worth mentioning that the Zentrom was inspired by two sportsmen and is used by many top athletes around the world. The Zentrom wristband is available in various colors: charcoal, snow, aqua, blood and charcoal-snow.