Zeo Personal Sleep Coach Tracks Your Sleep Quality

Jan 18, 2011
While we know that sleep is one of the basic things our body and mind needs to function properly, quite few people nowadays get good night sleep regularly. This especially refers to new parents, who rarely get a sound uninterrupted sleep. In fact, many of them do not realize if they have been sleeping enough or not.

Zeo Personal Sleep Coach is a new health gadget that is aimed to track your sleep patterns and improve your sleeping habits. The device includes a headband with sensors, the Zeo display, CD card and other accessories to make sleep tracking as effective as possible.

To use the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach, you need to wear Zeo headband during the night. The headband uses SoftWave sensor technology to detect your sleep patterns, such as deep, REM or light sleep. The data is stored and can be viewed on the display. You can see your sleep patterns in graphs and give you ZQ, your personal sleep score that indicates the quality of your sleep. It can tell you how long it takes for you to fall asleep, the frequency of waking up during the night and your overall sleep time.

Using the SmartWake function, Zeo wakes you up just at the right time, when you will feel fresh and in better mood.

You can also upload your sleep information to Zeo website, where your sleep quantity is evaluated and you can get recommendations on how to improve your sleep. The 7 Step Sleep Fitness Program is a personal sleep coaching program that was designed for this purpose and makes you sleep better with Zeo Personal Sleep Coach.