Zeo Introduced Sleep System for your Smartphone

Sep 29, 2011
Zeo, a well-known company that produces sleep management products, has introduced its new mobile version of Zeo Sleep Manager for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android smartphones.

While sleep problems are wide-spread among people of all ages and most of us know the importance of a good night's sleep, it's quite complicated to learn about the quality and quantity of sleep.

The previous Zeo version included headband, a monitor, SD card to upload the sleep data.
Both versions track actual sleep phases, such as Light, Deep and REM sleep. It uses Softwave sensor technology to monitor those sleep phases and reveal you sleep quality. But the newest Zeo Sleep Manager sends data directly to your smartphone, showing you how well you slept with the help of easy-to-read charts and metrics. The consumers also have access to their Zeo online accounts, where they can find a variety of tools to improve their sleep quality.

Other features of Zeo Sleep manager includes: