Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle Freshens Up Your Bottom

May 04, 2010
Many people face the problem of intimate hygiene, when travelling in remote areas when the toilet is not readily available. In such case, having a portable biget would become a very convenient solution.

Indigo Wild Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle may seem an embarrassing tool to use, but those who care about being fresh and clean in any situation, will surely appreciate having a handheld bidet. Indigo Wild company is an eco-friendly company that produces natural and organic products for skin care and home.

Indigo Wild Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle is a lightweight device that cleans your rear entry and gives it the pleasant smell. All you have to do is to spray the toilet paper with the solution and wipe out. The Zum Bum Bidet in a Bottle contains witch hazel, essential oils and vegetable glycerin.

The portable bidet is small enough to fit in your backpack or purse and you can take it at work, at home, during car trips or when hiking and camping.